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Checking copy for plagiarised material is something I recommend to whoever asks me for writing advice. I am sharing some resources I came across during my research on sites that allow you to do this (for free). 

  1. I use the Plagiarism Checker on Small SEO Tools website, and have found it handy. The only hitch is word limit: you can search up to 100 words at a time.

  2. Grammarly: you need to create an account but the features are free. It also offers writing suggestions. Available as a Chrome extension, and an app.

  3. Duplichecker: Allows 50 searches a day (accessible after signing up), and has a 1000 word limit per search.

  4. Search Engine Reports: supports 21 languages, offers up to 1500 words at a time, and offers a Sentence-wise view and Document-wise view.

  5. SameDiff: It compares two or more text files and tells you how similar or different they are.


  1. Thomson Foundation offers free journalism courses — data journalism, environmental journalism, social media news gathering, etc. Link


  1. Lose the Very gives you synonyms help you avoid using the word ‘very’.

  2. Website: An English teacher created a WordCounter.net to help users meet word requirements. It also does grammar and spell-check, the average speaking and reading time, keyword density and more.

  3. App: This may work for you (it sounds terrifying, bit could be the push I need to get back to writing!): The Most Dangerous Writing App. You have to write nonstop for a certain amount of time and if you stop writing for five seconds, it deletes everything you have written. Permanently.


Food historian and writer Ozoz Sokoh shared a digital library of West African, African, African-American, countries of the Caribbean and Black cookbooks, culinary heritage books and other important literary resources. Free. Accessing some of them might require sign-ons on safe/secure sites.


If you want a second pairs of eyes to look over your writing, here’s a good, FREE resource. The Internet Writing Workshop is a set of mailing lists (groups) that communicate by email. Writers can submit and critique written works, and there is a forum to discuss and get help on all aspects of writing. The Workshop is open to all styles and genres of writing: literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry, children's writing, essays, newspaper articles, scripts.


This is a rolling (and inclusive) list of experts from marginalised backgrounds who are willing to be contacted by journalists, reporters and other persons in media.

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