It's All Write

Insight into the freelance world

I've been freelancing for five years and am armed with enough gyaan, mistakes and lessons to share with aspiring and even established freelancers. Through this account, I want to share calls for pitches, short interviews and useful advice from other writers/ freelancers/ authors, links to good articles (yes, some will be mine!), writing tips and miscellaneous stuff (grants, contests). I ran a freelance newsletter for 2 years, and will be putting up some of the older and more useful newsletter here, too. Meanwhile, you can follow the Twitter account linked here — I share pitch calls, jobs, and other writing related stuff. I recently started Writer's Critique Club, a Google group for writers writers to seek and offer feedback and critiques for stories, ideas and pitches. If interested, email me on On the side, I am available for the following: * ASK JO A conversation on different aspects of freelancing; you could give me a pitch to review, or we could discuss and condense a story from an idea, or work on finding the right publication for your story. I will share successful pitches, links to helpful articles, writing groups, suggestions on finding editor’s contacts and more. Time: Half hour Cost: Rs 450 (we can discuss rates if this is unaffordable) If you have any feedback, require clarifications or just want to share dog videos, email me on Cheers, Joanna